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Blast Monitoring – Vibration Monitoring

When it comes to explosive activities, such as pipelines, construction, mining, and quarrying, blast monitoring is essential for safety and compliance. Not only does it help minimize the risk of structural damage, but it also ensures that the vibration levels do not exceed the regulatory limits, which can cause environmental harm and disturb nearby communities.

At Civionic Engineering and Consulting, we offer advanced blast monitoring solutions that utilize state-of-the-art technology and expertise to provide accurate and reliable data.

Our Monitoring Services

Our blast monitoring services encompass a range of activities, including pre-blast surveys, monitoring during the blast, and post-blast assessments. We use cutting-edge sensors and equipment to measure various parameters, such as vibration, air overpressure, noise, and hydrostatic monitoring, as well as to detect any potential anomalies or abnormalities.

Our experienced engineers and technicians work to design tailored monitoring plans that meet our client’s needs and requirements, taking into account factors, such as the location, geology, and proximity of sensitive receptors.

A key feature of our blast monitoring services is vibration monitoring. Vibration is a common and critical parameter that requires expert monitoring during blasting activities.

Our advanced vibration sensors are capable of measuring vibrations in all directions, with high precision and frequency range. We also provide real-time monitoring and alerts, so that any exceedances of the regulatory limits can be addressed immediately.

Our engineers use sophisticated software and techniques to monitor the actual blasting parameters, such as the charge weight, distance, and geology. This allows us to determine the safe blast design and optimize the blasting operations while minimizing the risks and impacts.

Choose Civionic Engineering and Consulting

At Civionic Engineering and Consulting, we offer comprehensive blast monitoring services that utilize the latest technology and expertise to ensure safety, compliance, and sustainability. Our vibration monitoring is just one example of our advanced capabilities.

We take pride in our commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, and we are ready to support our clients’ blasting activities with our cutting-edge solutions. For more, contact us today.

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