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Structural Health Monitoring

As a structural engineer or construction firm, you understand how delicate the systems or a bridge can be. Every structural aspect of the bridge has to support itself and the pieces and parts surrounding it. In today’s age of aging infrastructure, bridges are getting old and wearing down. Civionic Engineering and Consulting (2014) Inc. is here to help you monitor your bridges so that everyone who uses them stays safe.

We offer bridge monitoring sensors that comprehensively analyze every part of your bridge to ensure their structural stability and soundness. Contact us to learn more.

Bridge Monitoring Sensors

We use our early detection algorithms to help you, the bridge owner, detect any aging components of your bridge before they become a safety hazard. No matter what type of sensory equipment you need, we can help. We can even customize our bridge sensors to your specifications, if need be.

You can choose between all of our sensors and technology solutions, including:

  • Displacement sensors (mechanical and optical)
  • Embedded corrosion sensors
  • Environment sensors (wind, moisture, rain, temperature)
  • Fiber-optic sensors
  • Heatflow sensors
  • Moisture sensors (concrete, soil, wood, relative humidity)
  • Radiation sensors
  • Road surface condition sensors
  • Seismic sensors (geophones)
  • Strain gauges
  • Tilt meters (inclinometers)
  • Vibration sensors (accelerometers)

This list isn’t comprehensive. We can provide basically any sensor that can be connected to a data logger.

Our Company

We’ve been around for over five years, and our only goal is to make sure the aging infrastructure of both Canada and the United States is safe and sound. We offer engineered structural health monitoring systems for bridges, dams, buildings, pipelines, transmission towers, and oil platforms. We can help with large and small structures, and our hope is to give you the most cost-effective and efficient solution possible.

Give us a call at our Canada office at +1 (604) 655 4200 or at our United States office at +1 (206) 260 0266.

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